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Brickhouse Web Applications & Development is located in Terre Haute, Indiana. We focus on website and mobile application development for personal or business needs.

Website Audit

We offer a wide range of services to audit your website.  These include an overall visual summary, SEO, content, design elements, website performance and accessablility.

Website Audit
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Stay ahead of your competition.

Stay ahead of your competition.

Page Analysis Report

The Page Analysis Score is the score we give to each page optimization. More than a simple number, this indicator represents the overall quality of the page and allows you to quickly identify problem areas. 


Crawl report

Get a real overview of your website optimization thanks to the crawl. Discover easily all your SEO technical errors according to our numerous criteria. Check if your website can be indexed by search engines. Check also your broken links, the content quality of each page, the duplicate content, the architecture and external links. Our robot crawls your website up to 1,000 pages.


Backlinks report

Find the list of backlinks pointing to a domain, a subdomain or an URL. Discover your competitors' most important backlinks and improve your netlinking strategy.

SEO Benchmark

Discover keywords on which your competitors are ranked and generate organic traffic. Discover their ranking strategy and analyze keywords you should work on. Get detailed information for each keyword: Cost per click, search volume, competitive intensity etc.