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Brickhouse Web Applications & Development is located in Terre Haute, Indiana. We focus on website and mobile application development for personal or business needs.

Social Media

Marketing is about connecting with the people who are, or will become, your customers.  Social media is the platform for the 21st century to make this happen.

Social Media

Behind each of those profiles, handles, and screen names is a real, live human being with the same wants, needs, passions, and desires as any human from 10, 20, or 100 years ago.  Your job is to connect with them, show them that they can trust you, and then make their life better in a way that results in profit for your company.  If you’re not doing that, you’re wasting your time.

At Brickhouse we can help you navigate the social media waters to provide the right type of customer engagement on social media platforms that your key customers are using.  Where do your customers live online?  Are they fashionistas posting religiously to Instagram?  Are they indie musicians obsessed with SoundCloud?  Or are they foodies with a voracious, vivacious Facebook group?  Don’t spread yourself thin trying to cover all the bases; let us help you focus your energy and time on your key customers for maximum ROI.